Olde Stage Water District


What are the district's rates?
What if I have questions about my account balance or payments?
What is the district's budget?
What are the results of the water analysis?
Why do you send someone onto my property?
What is the reverse 911 system?
 How can I see the district's transparency information?
What are the district's billing procedures?

What is the Special District Association (SDA) transparency statement?

Meter Access

What are the District's rates?

Your quarterly bill consists of two parts.

Each household is charged a fee of $2.75 for each day it is connected to the Olde Stage Water District.

In addition each household is charged for water actually used based on the following tiered schedule:

Average usage (gallons per day) 0-300 301-600 601-1000 >1,000
Charge per 1,000 gallons used  $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $8.00

 What if I have questions about my payments, late charges, account balance, etc.?
Please contact Henry, Waters & Associates at (303)494-4050. 

What is the District's budget?

The 2020 budget is found here.

The 2019 budget is found here.

The 2018 budget is found here.

The 2017 budget is found here.

The 2016 budget is found here.

The 2015 budget is found here.

The 2014 budget is found here.

The 2013 budget is found here.

What are the analysis results of our water?
You can see the 2012 water report using this pdf file.

The 2013 water report is found here.

The 2014 water report is found here.

The 2015 water report is found here.

The 2018 water report is found here.

The 2019 water report is found here.

The 2020 water report is found here.

The 2021 water report is found here.

Why do you send someone onto my property?
Everyone in the district has their water meter read each quarter. In many cases this can be done from the public road, but in some cases the reader must go onto private property, or even to the edge of a house to obtain the readings.  

How can I see the district's "Special District Transparency Information"?
You can view that important document here. Just click on the link and then select "Olde Stage Water District" at the bottom of the screen 

What is the "Reverse 911" system?

The district uses a reverse 911 system to notify members about outages or emergencies.
Because of this it is important that water district households ensure their phone contact information is accurate on your quarterly statements. If you need to add or correct your phone number, please contact Dick Rasnek, or any Board member and give them the information. 

What are the District's Billing Procedures?


Policies and Procedures

Billing and Collections

All accounts for the delivery of water to residences within the District shall be billed on a calendar quarter basis. The Treasurer shall instruct that the meters be read as close to the end of the quarter, amount calculated and posted.

Bills shall be calculated based on the then approved rate schedule as in existence from time to time and approved by the Board# They shall be mailed by USPS regular mail.

Payments shall be made to the District in care of the designated collection agent as determined by Board approval for deposit into the operating account of OSWD.

The collection agent shall maintain accurate detailed records for each customer account with the amount billed, collected and the current balance of the account.

Late fees shall be billed for any account that is past due based on the following schedule#

30 days past due                                $10.00 then

60 days past due                                $10.00 then

90 days past due                                $30.00 then

120 days past due per month              $50.00

 After 120 days without payment or other arrangements, a 10 day notice of shut off for water services will be sent via regular mail and after 10 days without payment will be shut off. Waiver of such fees can only be made by the President or Treasurer of OSWD.

In the event of a transfer of the real estate to an unaffiliated party, there shall be assessed a one-time charge of $250.00 which shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. The responsibility shall be that of the title company to collect the transfer fee and any unpaid water usage charges and remit them to OSWD at the time of closing.

What is the Special District Association (SDA) transparency statement?

The Olde Stage Water District's SDA transparency statement is found here.

Meter Access

Meter access information is found here.
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